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RW Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Peaches and Cream was 4th BEST CAT at RAW. We are thrilled that three of our cats showed themselves to be so beautiful against such stiff world wide competition!



Not only did Riterags win Best Ragdoll alter but also 2nd Best Ragdoll alter and fourth best cat at RAW! Ragdolls around the World in Orlando this year 2018! We have not had a cat entered since two RAW shows ago when we were Best Ragdoll in wins and BEST RAGDOLL in the show!  Well Julie Ball really prepares Lexus the Best Alter and Aspen 2nd Best Superbly! They always are beautifully groomed actually immaculately groomed every time I see them with her at a show. She deserves so much praise for her presentation!

IW Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Lexus, Best Ragdoll Alter at RAW.

This is Riterags Aspen Supreme Grand Champion at RAW and 2nd Best Ragdoll Alter! His parents are RW Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Rolling on Through and Riterags American Liberty.


This is Riterags International Winner Lexus

with owner Julie Ball and myself on the left! She loves this boy and he loves her and together they made history!

Lexus is the first ever Cream Lynx Bicolor to attain the High Title of International Winner.  Lexus began showing late in the season and became 16th BEST CAT ALTER in the world!  Way to go Julie, she always had him groomed impeccably and he showed like a International Winner to the last show of the season Celery City in Florida where we are pictured together below!  (2018)















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Awards for Riterags 2017-18 year!





Below Three Supreme Grand Champion Females in 2018 Season! Riterags Peaches and Cream, blue cream bicolor and Daddy’s Little Dividend a seal pt bicolor and  Riterags Fidelity a seal lynx bicolor , all girls all Supremed 2018 season!

Riterags Supreme Grand Champion Fidelity!
GorgeousSupreme Fidelity seal lynx bicolor!
RW Quadruple Grand Riterags Mr. CongenialityBest Seal lynx bicolor ragdoll in the world!



Very proud of this accomplishment as there are usually 56 ragdolls at each show to be judged.  A very large achievement to be BEST in China. WE are thrilled indeed! We thank WenXue for showing him to this high title!

2015-2016 He is Riterags Siyoo! Proud of this beautiful boy!




Riterags Insatiable Sadie being shown currently she is a huge seal bicolor girl! two pictures below are her receiving Best at the Inverness Show Dec. 10-12 2016 in Florida!

marc-with-sadie-receiving-best    sadie-getting-best-deb-and-stephanie


“Current Show News” Riterags The Sky’s the Limit, Supreme Grand Champion in four shows! Sept.14,2015 He made 9 out of 12 finals!

Oct. 10, 2015 at Southern Sophisticats Riterags The Sky’s The Limit, Supremed ! Below Rene Knapp giving him his awards! She gave him a catnip toy she gives to her winners and oh wow what an effect it had on him!

May 30th 2015, at Music City Cat Show, Riterags Rolling on Through AKA “Panzer” receiving His Best from

All breed Judge Clint Knapp who has always loved this very big boy! Panzer is a RW Supreme Grand Champion Like his dad OS RW Supreme Riterags Victory and his mom RW Supreme Cinderella. He is wonderful, big bodied cat, equilateral triangular head perfect ear set and eyes and strong chin and boning every ragdoll should enjoy!

We give praise and thanks to God for all of these wonderful cats that have been bred and raised at Riterags Cattery!!!

Fabulous seal bicolor Triple Grand Champion Eros Blazer has RW Supreme Cinderella as his Grandmother and his mother is RW Champion Sweet Melody. The cat in the photo is Famous Riterags Eros who is an International Star in FeFe in Europe. They resemble each other don’t you think.

Eros Blazer is Show/Quality not pet Quality

Our very big boy Blue Mitt, Riterags “Rolling on Through” or Panzer, he is here getting a Best from Toni Scarborro, Sat. Oct.18th 2014

Panzer receiving a best from Clint Knapp at the Destiny Cat Fanciers Show. He is absolutely loving the lime light 🙂

This is a picture of Alonzo receiving an award from Vicki Jo Harrison. He double granded in one show at the Raleigh Show at the beginning of January. Now he is best ragdoll in the South East as a kitten and an adult, He achieved this is 61/2 shows in the final hours of 2014. We are very thankful for him and for every judge in TICA who saw him as we do, stunning open eyed wide ears and gorgeous in everyway, Beauty, coat, boning and disposition! Thank you TICA for your confidence!.

This is beautiful Alonso, Diva’s Son ,receiving an award from Tony Scarborough at the First in Flight Show, in Raleigh, N.C. January 3-6 2014

Diva’s beautiful son four months at his first show receives two Best of Breeds, hear Donna Madison is presenting Alonso with his best Sept. 15/13 at Cattyshack Cat Show.

This is beautiful five month old Alonso, above, Diva’s Son, receiving Best Kitten from Tony Scarboro at the Black Jack Cat Show, in Shelby, N.C. Oct. 19-20.

This is Don Juan and he is gorgeous at 25..lbs. 2015

Now gorgeous Celestial Bliss received a Best and two 2nd’s Allbreed and and a 3rd Allbreed her first adult show. Here Adriana Kajon presented her a 2nd Best Allbreed.This is Oct. 19-20 Black Jack Cat Club..

Sweet Melody, Blue Lynx Bicolor daughter of Cinderella, Diva’s niece, just four months gets a Best Kitten At the Jacksonville Fl. show Feb.22-24 2013 from Tony Jones below!

and Kim Chenault Best April 28 2013

Now being shown in Europe in Austria this is Riterags Princess as a six month old kitten. Owner and shown by Claudia Scheller Best Kitten 2nd Best 3ed best and two 4th Best kitten ALL BREED her first show, six months of age. She is Riterags Sweet Melody’s sister. April 20/21 2013

International Winner Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

Riterags Diva Doll

International Winner Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Diva Doll

18th Best Longhair Internationally in TICA for 2006/2007

Best Longhair in South East Region 2006/2007

h his sister, Celestial Now he is even bigger, sweeter, and more handsome : )This is Prince William five months old Dec.7th he was born June 7th. He is gorgeous and now being shown witBliss.

Judge Kim Tomlin presents Kate-Marie and her friend Jessica Gagne

the Supreme Ribbon for Best Cat Riterags Serenity. Serenity is a 3rd Generation

Riterags Supreme Grand Champion. April 17-18 2010

Robby White presenting Kate-Marie with the Specialty Best Cat for Christina

Christina Estrella received two Best Cats and Supremed at the Largo Show in Florida May 8 2010

Ed Manning Presenting Rebekah and Kate-Marie the Best All Breed Award

RW SGCA Riterags Shiloh He is Shiloh is BEST Ragdoll Alter for Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide 2012

a beautiful blue lynx bicolor owned by Jan Holmes in Colorado

He is fourth best Ragdoll Internationally in TICA (2011-12)

Congratulations Jan!!! He is a gorgeous boy

Splendid Butterman upon his throne! He is the son of RW Supreme Victory and IW Supreme Diva Doll!

Ed Manning Supremed this gorgeous boy Butterman, he is owned by Rebecca and Hayes! He is there pride and joy!

New Supreme Alter, 2012 August 19th in Florida the Largo Show! He is Top Ten in RFW 2012

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Eros of Olympo Dolls

is featured here on El Gato Magazine in Spain!

He is # 1 Ragdoll in Europe for 2008-2009 !!Riterags Precious Pearl became “GRAND INTERNATIONAL in FeFe May 2014

Dec.6th 2010

last weekend we were in the last FIFE show of this year in Spain. It is the before Christmas FIFE show and it is also the largest show FIFE in Spain. There were almost 300 cats at the show. We were there with Eros, Venus and the Eros’s daughter.

Eros is in “full condition”, all the judges told us. He just needed his two last points for his title FIFE Supreme and he did it!!!! Eros is now FIFE Supreme and TICA Supreme!!! but even more…. Eros was the best adult male at the show both days, he got the Best in Show male of all breeds, and after reaching 10 Best in Shows during his FIFE show career , he also got his DSM, Distinguishes Merit Award. He is the first ragdoll in Spain who got this award, and I just know two more ragdolls in Europe… Eros is almost 4 years old and has finished his FIFE show career with the same sweet temperament as he started it when he was 6 months old .

Eros appearing on a FIFE show promotional poster in Leon (April, 2010).

All this city is covered with this poster!

“Eros has already 8 Best in shows, he only needs two ones more to get “Distinguish Merit” FIFE award, no any other ragdoll in Spain has this award, and I only know one in whole Europe. We will try to get it for you, but it is a very hard work. We cross our fingers for Eros.”

e-mail from Fer & Luis Olympo Dolls Cattery

The cat on the right is Riterags Mickey Blue Eyes of Busibu Cattery owned by Reme & Marta

Show of May 28th Hermes was Best in Show both Days.

He is with his wonderful owner, Luis of OlympoDolls.

BEST Ragdoll Alter for Ragdoll Fanciers(2012) this is Riterags Shiloh, blue lynx bicolor. He is receiving his Supreme Best here from Vicky Shields, presented to proud owner Jan Holmes. This was Oct 9th 2011. He is the son of the cat in the next frame. RW Supreme Christina Estella and OS RW Supreme Victory

Our recent success at Jamestown, NC Kudzu Cat Club Christian Estrella receives a best from Theresa Kempton

Best in Show at the FIFE International Cat Show

Hi Deb & Kate,

How are you doing? We are proud to announce you that our beloved Mickey was once again Best in Show at the FIFE International Cat Show in the medieval city of Braga (Portugal). All the judges voted him as the Best Junior kitten of semi-long cattegory (Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Sacred Birman, Maine Coon….) so he was Best in Show on Saturday and again on Sunday. All the judges told us that Mickey WAS a ragdoll 🙂 For all of them he is just PERFECT!! They LOVED them 🙂 Find attached some photos that I took at the Cat show to Marta with Mickey and the sculture he won 🙂

He has got 3 Best in Show at Fife cat shows, so if he gets 2 more then he will be named JUNIOR WINNER and will be added to his FIFE pedigree 🙂

Anyway, we hope that you are very happy with his success at cat shows as we do!! 🙂

Reme & Marta & Mickey

Busibu Cattery


Annual Awards Association Feline Argentina 2011

Owner – Adriana Elia


2011 Argentina, Seal Lynx Mitt

Owner – Adriana Elia

Riterags Maddie, owned by George and Marilyn Delong,

is now a RW Quadruple Grand Alter!

International Winner Riterags Precious Pearl, Owned and shown by Adriana Elia

Champion Riterags Chevalier of Ragakitty
Penelope is a FIFE Grand Champion Kitten

Dear Deborah and Kate,
We had a great weekend with Penelope !!!
She is our dream princess, we loves her and it is a large joy for us. We in this short time many humans made, all see Penelope happy and saying for WOW ……. which for a beautiful Ragdoll !!!!!
She is the winner over the Show
Winner over all — IVV-Ring with 150 Punkte
Best Ragdoll Kitten in Variety (over all)
Best Ragdoll in color (over all)
Winner Best in Show (over all Longhair)
Winner Best of Best (over all Longhair)
she gets still another special price from the complite jurie !!!!!
Penelope is fantastic, we loves it …….. your weight is 8 Pound.
look at the pictures and be pleased you with us!!! Thank you for this beautiful

Penelope is now a Grand Champion Kitten
Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Alter Riterags Dreams Come True

He is owned by Lori Tompkins


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for my Dream Come True!!!!!

Tara and I had a fantastic time at our first show with Dream Come True. At home we call him Kaci (Casey). He did great at the show, we are so proud of him and I’m sure that you are too. The judges and spectators LOVED him. He got 6 finals, out of 13 rings, 5 were allbreed rings and a BEST KITTEN in a specialty ring. He received a breed award in all but two rings. We had a BLAST!!!!!!

I’ve attached some photos of our beautiful boy. Enjoy!

Thank you sooooo much Deb.

Grand Alter

This baby boy is Riterags Dreams Come True. He is from Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Victory and Triple Grand Champion Riterags In Your Dreams!

He is an absolute angel. He is owned by the Tompkins Family. Mrs. Lori Tompkins and her daughter Tara Tompkins recently attended a show in Rhode Island. (Look left to see a recent e-mail written by Mrs. Tompkins regarding her recent and wonderful success at the show!) We are so happy for her!!!

This is Riterags IW RW Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Diva Doll’s Son and RW Quadruple Grand Riterags Miracle’s son

RFCI International Ragdoll Congress Winner 2008!

This is Double Grand Champion Riterags James Bond! He is now owned by Jennifer Gibson, thank you Jennifer for such a beautiful presentation of him.

He recently achieved his title of Double Grand at his first adult show in Great Lakes Area Cat Enthusiasts Rosemont, Il, March 28-30 2008. He had just turned 8 months old on the 27th of March. He was the youngest Ragdoll cat in the entire show. He had 5 Best Cats!!!! Two of the Bests were in the RFCI International Ragdoll Congress!!!! He was Best Ragdoll Cat in the Congress and 2nd Best of the Best Ragdoll Cat overall in the show!!!!!!!!!! Go James Go!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Ragdoll in RFCI Show in 2008, Most wins!!!!

This is Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Soleil Lune of Brightstone. He is a gorgeous blue lynx mitted boy and has done extremely well in the shows at his young age. He double granded at his first adult show in Raleigh at only 8 months of age!!!! His owner is David Nudleman, thank you Dave for a wonderful presentation of this beautiful ragdoll. We are so proud of this BIG baby boy!

This beautiful blue lynx mitted boy was Best of the Best Ragdoll in Show in the International Ragdoll in the Great Lakes Area Cat Enthusiasts, Rosemont, IL, March 28-30, 2008

Thank you Bella, our dear friend, for showing this gorgeous American Beauty for us in Europe.

International Champion Riterags American Beauty
Became BEST IN SHOW two days in a row in Norway on 9/12-10/12 and she also became INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
She is Phenomenal, just look at her picture, WOWWWWW….

International Champion Riterags American Beauty
Has been Showed 11 times in 3 1/2 months and she has became
7 X BEST IN SHOW, 1 Best opposite sex, 8 Nomination, 9 Best of variety and of course INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION , WOWWWW….

A truly great Show career. To become Best in show means that you have the Best Cat in the whole Show, It’s the finest title you can Win in a Fife Show, It’s not only Ragdolls you compete against but all the Races in category 2 that includes American Curl Longhair – American Curl Shorthair – Maine Coon – Norwegian Forest Cat – Sacred Birman – Siberian Cat – Turkish Angora – Turkish Van and Ragdoll.

American Beauty is still a youngster and she has Won against fully grown cats and that’s unbelievable, she Wins time after time against all the cats in the shows.
She has what it takes to go all the way, she is the Princess in our home and WE LOVE HER VERY MUCH…. Thank you Deb , I will be Grateful to you all my life.

She is a big beautiful perfect DOLL!

Here is Bella celebrating American Beauties International Winn!

We are so happy for you Bella and Beauty!

Our love to you both!

Bella has had a wonderful time showing this gorgeous girl and we have enjoyed every moment with her!

This is Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Milagro of Furreal Ragdolls which means Miracle! He is now owned by Cliff and Mary RidellThey are busy showing him in both TICA and CFA. Riterags Milagro of Furreal is now a Supreme Grand in TICA and has done very well for Mary and Cliff Ridell in CFA. He is the handsome brother of International Winner Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags My Blue Heaven

Riterags Grand Champion Butterman the Best Cat, Owned by Rebekah and Hayes Casey, Now a Grand Champion Oct. 2011, He is the son of RW Supreme Grand Champion Victory and IW Supreme GrandChampion Diva Doll

Regional Winner Supreme Riterags Eros

Eros, a seal bicolor male from RW SGC Riterags Cinderella and RW TGC Baron, at just 9 months old, is a TICA Grand Champion after reaching 6 finals (1st, 3rd, 6th, 6th, 7th y 7th) at the International Cat Show held on Málaga (Spain) the 2nd and 3rd of February of 2008. His owners are Luis and Fer from Spain. We congratulate Olympo Dolls on their success with their new baby!!

He is # 1 Ragdoll in Europe for 2008-2009 !!!!

Eros receiving his award from Nancy Parkinson a the San Raphael, France show in 2008!!! Doesn’t he look wonderful!

This is Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Riterags Venus of Olympodolls

She attended her first TICA show as an adult at the The Gallic Cat Vierzon, France March 29, 2009. In this one day show Venus received enough ribbons to make her a TICA Grand Champion!!! She is from Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Jumbolette and Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion RaggleDazzle Duke of Riterags. She is beings shown by Luis and Fer. We are so happy for them!

Here is gorgeous Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Riterags Venus of Olympodolls

This sweetheart is Riterags Destiny of S*Eurovisions.

She is a FIFE International Winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a recent e-mail we received from her owner Zvezdan:

“I have been showing Destiny in Denmark, Norway and Sweden (7 different shows) so now she has becoming INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!! “

We are so proud of her and hope she will continue her success.

Riterags Destiny of S*Eurovisions.

She is from Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Jumbolette and Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Duke

Riterags Dreams Come True now being shown by Lori Thompkins, shown at six months of age. He weighs eleven pounds!!! He is as sweet as he is beautiful and large.

Riterags Dreams Come True, seal lynx mitt, his parents are RW Supreme Grand Champion and RW Quadruple Grand Champion Dreamy!

This is Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Mr. Big Stuff.

He is the only creme lynx mitted to supreme in the entire world!

He has made us all very proud.

He was best creme lynx mitted internationally in 2004-2005 show season in TICA!!!!

Sammy is what a blue mitt should look like!

He has a fabulous brother in California who’s name is Wyatt. He is owned and shown by Carol Jaquez

This is a beautiful blue mitted boy! He is Riterags Wyatt of AdorableDolls Ragdolls. He has done very well both in TICA and in CFA. He is from Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Victory and Riterags Sugarpie. Thank you Carol Jaquez for showing and taking such good care of this gorgeous boy!!!

Another picture of Wyatt! Isn’t he wonderful!!!

He is the full brother of Riterags Uncle Sam of USA Ragdolls

This is Riterags Singular Sensation. He is affectionately known as Tucker & Tank. He is currently the #1 Ragdoll in CCA.

International Winner 2006/2007

Best Ragdoll in TICA 2006/2007

IW RW SGC Riterags My Blue Heaven

Best Ragdoll Cat in the World at the 5th International Ragdoll congress in Sacramento, California.

Lance earned his Supreme Grand Champion at 8 months of age!
BEST CAT-5th International Ragdoll Congress, October 13-15, 2006
He also earned 10 Finals to earn his Supreme.
Lance received 14 finals at the show in Salt Lake City.
Lance received 11 finals in Albuquerque including 5 Best Cats!



RW SGC Riterags Piece of Cake

RW and Supreme Grand Champion at 10 months!
Best Ragdoll Kitten 2006 TICA SW Region!
Best Seal Point Bicolor Cat 2006 TICA!
2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten Internationally in 2006 TICA!
Best Ragdoll Kitten Ragdoll Fanciers Woldwide 2006

8th Best Long Hair Cat SW Region!

The Cats (our big babies) seen below are Riterags Supremes that live in our home!!!!

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Victory

This gorgeous blue lynx mitted boy was Riterags’ first supreme!!! He is from Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Ritzyrags Blue Angeline and Rivershorerags Champion Samson of Riterags. He supremed at the Kalamazoo, Michigan show in 2003. He received his best from TICA’s president, Kay DeVillbis

He is the proud father of RW SGC Jumbolette and RW SGC Crystal Blu!!!!

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Jumbolette

The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree!! This lovely blue lynx mitted girl is from RW SGC Victory and she is a spitting image of her father! We are so proud of her. She supremed at the T-Town Cats show is Tulsa, OK in 2006. TICA Judge Toni Jones awarded her a best cat in her first ring of the show!!

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Cinderella

This beautiful blue bicolor girl is from Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Ritzyrags Blue Angeline of Riterags and Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion RaggleDazzle Duke of Riterags. She is a extremely sweet and loving baby doll. She supremed at the El Paso, Texas show in 2006. TICA Judge Hisako Yamada gave her two best cats making Cinderella a supreme!!!!

This is a picture of Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Cinderella and her father Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion RaggleDazzle Duke of Riterags

Like father like daughter!!!!

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Rags2Riches Crystal Blu of Riterags

This very lovely lilac lynx bicolor girl is from Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Victory and her mother is Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Rags2Riches Michelle. She is part of 4-generations of Supremes. She received her best from Bobbi Tullo at the El Paso, Texas show in 2006.

The Supreme Sisters
Diva Doll & Cinderella