Riterags International Winner Lexus

With owner Julie Ball and myself on the left! She loves this boy and he loves her and together they made history!

Lexus is the first ever Cream Lynx Bicolor to attain the High Title of International Winner. Lexus began showing late in the season and became 16th BEST CAT ALTER in the world!

Three Supreme Grand Champion Females in 2018

Below Three Supreme Grand Champion Females in 2018 Season! Riterags Peaches and Cream, blue cream bicolor and Daddy’s Little Dividend a seal pt bicolor and Riterags Fidelity a seal lynx bicolor , all girls all Supremed 2018 season!

Riterags Siyoo

Very proud of this accomplishment as there are usually 56 ragdolls at each show to be judged. A very large achievement to be BEST in China. WE are thrilled indeed! We thank WenXue for showing him to this high title!

2015-2016 He is Riterags Siyoo! Proud of this beautiful boy!

Riterags Insatiable Sadie

Riterags Insatiable Sadie being shown currently she is a huge seal bicolor girl! two pictures below are her receiving Best at the Inverness Show Dec. 10-12 2016 in Florida!

Supreme Grand Champion The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit, Supreme Grand Champion in four shows! Sept. 14,2015 He made 9 out of 12 finals!

Oct. 10, 2015 at Southern Sophisticats Riterags The Sky’s The Limit, Supremed! Below Rene Knapp giving him his awards! She gave him a catnip toy she gives to her winners and oh wow what an effect it had on him!

Best from All Breed Panzer

May 30th 2015, at Music City Cat Show, Riterags Rolling on Through AKA “Panzer” receiving His Best from All breed Judge Clint Knapp who has always loved this very big boy! Panzer is a RW Supreme Grand Champion Like his dad OS RW Supreme Riterags Victory and his mom RW Supreme Cinderella.

Triple Grand Champion Eros Blazer

Fabulous seal bicolor Triple Grand Champion Eros Blazer has RW Supreme Cinderella as his Grandmother and his mother is RW Champion Sweet Melody. The cat in the photo is Famous Riterags Eros who is an International Star in FeFe in Europe. They resemble each other don’t you think.

Riterags Panzer

Our very big boy Blue Mitt, Riterags “Rolling on Through” or Panzer, he is here getting a Best from Toni Scarborro, Sat. Oct. 18th 2014

Panzer receiving a best from Clint Knapp at the Destiny Cat Fanciers Show. He is absolutely loving the lime light ?

Double Grand Champion Alonzo

This is a picture of Alonzo receiving an award from Vicki Jo Harrison. He double granded in one show at the Raleigh Show at the beginning of January. Now he is best ragdoll in the South East as a kitten and an adult, He achieved this is 61/2 shows in the final hours of 2014.

Alonzo at the First in Flight Show

This is beautiful Alonso, Diva’s Son ,receiving an award from Tony Scarborough at the First in Flight Show, in Raleigh, N.C. January 3-6 2014