Age: Adult


This is Champion Riterags Felicity blue lynx bicolor, daughter of Duke and Sherri! She is beautiful and very affectionate that is why she is name Felicity!

Keowee Cutie

This is Champion Riterags Keowee Cutie! She is an adorable blue torbie mitt! Dark blue eyes and nice symmetry to her mask! Great mitts and she has a wonderful playful disposition.


RW Supreme Grand Champion

She is a fabulous seal lynx bicolor, looks like her daddy RW Supreme Alonzo only a seal color

RW Supreme Grand Champion, Peaches and Cream

Best, Blue Tortie Bicolor Ragdoll In the World (2018), Supreme Grand Champion (2017-18) Retired!

A gorgeous blue tortie bi-color her color pattern is the nicest I have ever seen on a tortie and her size is amazingly large! She has a lovely soft easy care coat!

Insatiable Sadie

Supreme Grand Champion

Insatiable Sadie is a Supreme Grand Champion and a very big boned girl. She continuously baffles the judges! Sometimes they forget she is a girl when presenting her! We are so pleased with her showing 2016-2017!

Diva Doll

International Winner Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion


She was 18th Best Longhair Internationally for 2006/20072nd Best Ragdoll Internationally for 2006/20072nd Best Longhair Cat in the SE Region for 2006/20075th Best All breed Cat for 2006/2007 in the SE RegionBest Ragdoll in the SE for 2006/2007These two pictures featured below and below are of Diva Doll,