Age: Adult


RW Supreme Grand Champion



Best Seal Lynx Mitt in the World 2018

Below is Riterags Tanzanite! She is named Tanzanite because her eyes are the color of Tanzanite! She is a seal lynx mitt and very beautiful indeed!


RW  OS Supreme Grand Champion

Above is Riterags’ newest Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion South East Winner Riterags Alonzo a Blue Lynx Bicolor. Alonzo is the Best Ragdoll Kitten and Adult for 2013/2014. He is the 2014 Best Blue Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll Internationally of the year in TICA!

Rolling On Through

RW Supreme Grand Champion

OS RW Supreme Victory and RW Supreme Cinderella’s. RW Supreme Grand Champion Riterags “Rolling on Through” aka, Panzer, he is 17 pounds beautiful boning and strong body his head his perfect equilateral triangle and eyes are perfect not round and wonderful ear set.

Jumbo Junior

Now a Supreme in just 3 shows! June 16th, 2018 at the Maine Coon Convention in Orlando, Fl. Best Blue Lynx Mitt in the World 2018!

This is an amazing cat below! First of all he weighs 17lbs and it is all a great build! This is Riterags J J stands for Jumbo Junior after his grandfather Riterags OS RW Supreme Grand Champion Victory!

Mr. Congeniality


Now this is Riterags RW Quaddruple Grand Champion, Mr. Congeniality. He is a gorgeous seal lynx bicolor and the Best Ragdoll in the South East Region this 2017-18 season. Retired!


Riterags Champion Isabella, she is a seal lynx bicolor and very funny! She loves freeze dried minnows and stands up on her hind legs and begs for them like a cute bunny.

Eros Blazer

RW Quadruple Grand Champion

This is Duke’s son above, Double Grand Champion Riterags Eros Blazer. He is just gorgeous like his father!

Cary Grant

Supreme Grand Champion

RW Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Cary Grant Best Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll of the Year for 2007/2008. 2008-2009 Southeast Region 9th Best Longhair Cat. 2007-2008 5th Best All breed Kitten Southeast Region. Best Ragdoll Kitten 2007-2008 Southeast Region. This is Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Cary Grant(retired).


RW Supreme Grand Champion! Outstanding Sire!

This is Victory, better known as Jumbo. He is the son of Angel and Samson. He is a blue lynx mitted. He is TICA RW SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION, BEST Ragdoll in the Southeast (2003-2004). 9 BEST Longhair Cat of the Year,