Jumbo Junior

Now a Supreme in just 3 shows! June 16th, 2018 at the Maine Coon Convention in Orlando, Fl. Best Blue Lynx Mitt in the World 2018!

This is an amazing cat below! First of all he weighs 17lbs and it is all a great build! This is Riterags J J stands for Jumbo Junior after his grandfather Riterags OS RW Supreme Grand Champion Victory! His father is RW Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Alonzo and his mother is Riterags Champion Hello Dolly! He is a fabulous blue lynx mitt like his illustrious grandfather and is as gentle and fun to be with as any cat I have.

He loves to run around in our yard when I let him out but never goes away from our house! He can compete with any Main Coon in his stature and size and we are extremely proud that at the last show of the season here in the South East where everyone is looking for more points towards and IW he became a Grand Champion at Celery City Cat show in Sanford Florida!

To me he is the perfect ragdoll, long rectangular body, beautiful long tail, great modified wedge head, nice flat plane on the top of his head, perfect ear placement and beautiful eye shape and color. He also is perfectly marked and had a great coat! We were thrilled when we saw him as a baby and more thrilled now when we can really show him off! Looking forward to great things with this new Giant King! 2018!