Age: Adult

Daddy’s Little Dividend

Supreme Grand Champion (2017-18), Best Seal Bicolor of the Year

Daddy’s Little Dividend!(2017-18) She is so big the judges check to be sure she is a girl check out the size of her chest from the front picture, and what a sweet personality she has as well!

Daisy Doodle Dandy

Outstanding Champion

Retired. This is Gorgeous Champion Riterags Daisy Doodle Dandy! TICA Champion RiteragsHas earned the esteemed title of OUTSTANDING DAM By Producing the Following Cats:

RW SGCH Riterags Jazzi Jasmine of Blossom RagsRW SGCH Riterags Piece of CakeRW QGCH Riterags In Your DreamsRW QGCH Riterags LydiaQGCHA Riterags Medallion


Riterags Sherri, she is a blue lynx bicolor, daughter of OS RW Supreme Grand Riterags Victory and RW Supreme Grand Riterags Christina Estrella she is the mother of RW Grand Champion Riterags Black Beauty Champion Isabella!


Retired. So many people want “American Beauty” look alike, this is her half sister Riterags Aurora mother of RW Supreme Christina and so many other beautiful ragdolls. she is the mother of RW Supreme Insatiable Sadie! Her father is RW Quadruple Grand Riterags Miracle father to IW Supreme Grand Riterags My Blue Heaven.


Quadruple Grand Champion

Retired. This is Lydia, she is a gorgeous blue mitted girl is a Quadruple Grand Champion. Her parents are Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Victory and Outstanding Dam Champion Riterags Daisy! Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Riterags Lydia Retired. She was Best Ragdoll Kitten in the Southeast for 2006/2007.

Sweet Sensation

Double Grand Champion

Retired. Here is our beautiful seal mitted girl Double Grand Champion Riterags Sweet Sensation.spayed, She is the daughter of Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Raggle Dazzle Duke of Riterags Grand Champion Bella. Here Grandmother is Outstanding Dam Daisy Doodle Dandy and Grandfather is Outstanding Sire Supreme Victory.Her mother below retired Grand Champion Bella.

Christina Estrella

RW Supreme Grand Champion

Retired. Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Riterags Christina Estrella Pictures taken at 10 mos. of age. Christina is a very big girl. The judges always comment on her size as she is a female who’s weight is like a big boy.


Outstanding Dam RW Supreme Grand Champion

REGIONAL WINNER SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION RITERAGS JUMBOLETTE Retired!This is our Outstanding Dam Jumbolette she is a Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion.She is a gorgeous blue lynx mitted girl who has everything a girl could ever want!RW SGCH Riterags Jumbolette RetiredHas earned the esteemed title of OUTSTANDING DAM By Producing the Following Cats:

RW SGC Riterags SerenityRW SGCH Riterags Soleil Lune Of BrightstoneRW TGCH Riterags Venus of OlympodollsGRCH Riterags Bella Primavera

Sweet Melody

Best Ragdoll Kitten in the South East 2013-14

Born 10/11/12 This is Sweet Melody, BEST RAGDOLL KITTEN in the South East 2013-14 season, 18th Best kitten in the South East and 10th best ragdoll kitten in the world!

Angel Kiss

Below is Angel Kiss is retired, daughter of Cinderella