International Champion Riterags American Beauty

Thank you Bella, our dear friend, for showing this gorgeous American Beauty for us in Europe.

International Champion Riterags American Beauty
Became BEST IN SHOW two days in a row in Norway on 9/12-10/12 and she also became INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
She is Phenomenal, just look at her picture, WOWWWWW….

International Champion Riterags American Beauty
Has been Showed 11 times in 3 1/2 months and she has became
7 X BEST IN SHOW, 1 Best opposite sex, 8 Nomination, 9 Best of variety and of course INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION , WOWWWW….

A truly great Show career. To become Best in show means that you have the Best Cat in the whole Show, It’s the finest title you can Win in a Fife Show, It’s not only Ragdolls you compete against but all the Races in category 2 that includes American Curl Longhair – American Curl Shorthair – Maine Coon – Norwegian Forest Cat – Sacred Birman – Siberian Cat – Turkish Angora – Turkish Van and Ragdoll.

American Beauty is still a youngster and she has Won against fully grown cats and that’s unbelievable, she Wins time after time against all the cats in the shows. She has what it takes to go all the way, she is the Princess in our home and WE LOVE HER VERY MUCH…. Thank you Deb , I will be Grateful to you all my life.

She is a big beautiful perfect DOLL! Here is Bella celebrating American Beauties International Win! We are so happy for you Bella and Beauty!
Our love to you both! Bella has had a wonderful time showing this gorgeous girl and we have enjoyed every moment with her!